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When it comes to investing, it’s crucial to prioritise your personal goals and future ambitions. Our aim is to help you build an investment portfolio that perfectly aligns your money, values, and planned goals.

Whether you are looking to invest a lump sum for the future, pay for education fees, save for retirement or something else, we will tailor your financial plan to your individual circumstances.

We also recognise that change is a constant and your life and circumstances will change. Through regular annual reviews we can monitor and adapt your financial plan to help keep you on track to achieve your goals.

There are many different investment products and funds to choose from on the market. As Independent Financial Advisers we can guide you through the different options and recommend the most suitable solution to meet your needs.

Lifetime Cashflow Planning;
A key part of the planning process centres around Lifetime Cashflow Planning which helps us plan and adapt to real life events, before, during and after they happen.

We use interactive Cashflow Forecast software that allows us to help you visualise your financial future, test different scenarios and instantly understand the impact of key decisions on life events along the way.

At Oaktree Wealth Management we produce a bespoke forecast for our clients to help project the values and sustainability of your finances when taking account of your expenditure needs and
assumptions around different factors such as inflation, investment returns and age at death.

If you have investable assets of £100k+, contact us for a free personalised demonstration of our Lifetime Cashflow Planning analysis.

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